Friday, January 29, 2010

Gratitude - Day 37

Rippling Spheres of Gratitude

-- Return of the Golden Mean by B. Xoloti

Imagine Gratitude rippling peacefully beyond you. Take note of the rise and fall, the crest and the trough, as it flows to grow beyond Now.

Originating at the sacred heart-space within, each beat creates waves of Love and Gratitude rippling through you physically (water), emotionally (vibration), and spiritually (frequency).

Now, imagine two hearts gathered in Gratitude ~ waking ripples growing to meet and greet while forming new space for creation between, like this:


Let's continue growing this resonant field of Gratitude by envisioning hearts and minds world-wide connecting and co-creating, Divinely aligned as One.


Unified, yet uniquely defined, as Divinely aligned
spheres of clearly intentioned time, these rippling
waves of Love and Gratitude heart-fully connect Me to You, Us to Now, all that is with who, what,
when, where, why and how!


"We will begin by saying that your current lives consist of many holograms layered upon each other - this layering effect creates an overlapping. The space where the hologram intersects is called a "Vesica Pisces".

"This centre space where the intersection occurs is unique in that it is a pathway or gateway. It is not entirely ruled by the universal laws of your 3rd dimensional reality - it is therefore a place where there is an unlimited ability to connect with 5th dimensional frequency and higher, it is the Morphogenetic or Quantum Field. Within this space exists a fabric or matrix of light fibers that contain information that can be plucked or vibrated. When the fibers, or order of the information, is altered you affect change in ALL directions outside of your linear time & space. You can navigate the infinite realms of pure potential from this space."

"Visualize yourself in the 1st circle. In the 2nd circle visualize it pulsating with radiant rainbow liquid light. See the circle's intersecting and creating the Vesica Pisces. Once you can see this - place yourself in that space and proceed to connect through your heart chakra. From your heart in true authenticity and purity allow your imagination to dream your new reality."
--the Arcturians


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