Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gratitude - Day 35

Hunab Ku as Gratitude

-- Mayan Hunab Ku

Imagine a cord emerging through the heart center of you. Now feel this cord flowing from the pure heart beating within, spinning through the crystal center of the Earth, the Sun, the Galaxy, and yes! the heart of all consciousness -- with Love, as Love, to be Love, in Gratitude for all that IS, re-connecting every level of Creation as One.

With tenderness and grace, gently pulse loving Gratitude along this cord. Be fully present to enjoy a resonant vibration with all creation connecting You to Source, here to Now.

Lovingly consider this cord to be a universal, yet personal pathway, pattern or possibility -- a current of simultaneous Come and Go -- a creative flow cosmic-ly connecting the heart of you with the source of new.


Hunab Ku as Gratitude -- come and go, black or white, dark or light, wrong or right -- is unified polarity, beginning to end as One.

Just for today:
Look into your eyes. Notice both black and white appear together, yet separate - unified polarities colored with streaming consciousness.

"Ge"'s been right before our very eyes from the beginning of time, we just left it to the last minute to make it exciting, inviting, and surprisingly delighting!


"The Mayan word 'ge' symbolizes the beginning, the source from which all life manifests. Ge represents the egg and literally translated means zero.

Moreover, the spiral form of the G symbolizes the source of our existence, the Milky Way. The G can be accessed very easily through the symbol of Hunab Ku, which represents the center of the galaxy, or the heart of galactic consciousness. Hunab Ku can be translated as "One Giver of Movement and Measure," and is conceptually equivalent to God, Great Spirit, or Absolute Being.

This Hunab Ku is the Heart of All Beings and each of us is connected through our own hearts. In fact, it is impossible to be disconnected. Thus, from the perspective of the Galactic Maya, there is one Source of all energy which is divine consciousness. This ener-Ge, or divine consciousness, manifests itself as an infinite number of possible forms throughout all dimensions.

Each possible form is a frequency vibration; indeed all matter is essentially interconnected waves of energy. So, unlike our culture which is obsessed with matter, i.e. physical science and materialism, the Maya based their understanding of reality on frequencies, vibrations, and harmonies.

As we move into the basics of Mayan time keeping, it will be helpful to remember that we're talking about frequencies and harmonic resonance. Indeed, numbers within Mayan mathematics do not specifically relate to quantity, as is usually assumed; all numbers, including zero, represent different frequencies and tones."


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