Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gratitude - Day 28

Spark of Gratitude


Just for today:
Allow Gratitude to spark a creative awakening - a flash of originality - highlighting universally personal tools at hand, urging further commitment to conscious creation by confirming intentions are presently manifesting Now.


Enjoy a short meditation to assist perception of incoming bright ideas, sparks of genius, and emerging brilliance, while optimizing conditions for the new to be noticed.

Breathe deeply. Again ... releasing all resistance to peacefulness. As you lovingly thank you for being you, feel this inner gifting shifting current states to flow in unison with now.

Quietly, imagine with the minds eye a light, small yet bright, glowing in a pool of darkness.

This light, rising to shine by way of sheer will, deeply present to surface easily, is guidance for roaming attentions, a space for focus to go and rest.

So relax, rest well. Let go. Be this light.

Breathe deeply once more. Exhale gratefully while allowing this light to expand, flooding beyond boundaries of what you currently see, rippling to spill past you, to flow through all possibilities true.

Allow a moment to appreciate this contrast, this shift, this state of flaming Grace.

Calmly witness this light draw back to push toward its Source of Origin, feeling each fractal wave of waking change embracing, comforting, inspiring and guiding you to be one, with light, as Love and Gratitude.

Return this light to its original size, while noticing altered states of being an immersion of current awareness in joyfullness, blissfully emitting an afterglow, an enlightenment, a brightness to glorify now.

Intuitively remember this light is Gratitude, a bright new possibility shining before you. Embrace this light with Love, giving thanks for its presence, essence, and ability to shift at will - to go, grow and return with ease and speed, a spark of creative originality awakening within you, manifesting intentions as Love and Gratitude.


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