Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gratitude - Day 27

Writes of Passage

-- image source - WingMakers Movie

Just for today:
Go to your heart and ask "Who am I grateful for?"
As an image, a memory, an inspiration surfaces - trust and follow this inner prompting.

Now write a thank you note to this person.

Allow your heart to guide your hand as you relate, appreciate and edify another for their gift of Gratitude to you.

Let go of any pressure to deliver this message. Rather, focus on content, essence and expression of the full-ness of Gratitude brimming within.

As you appreciate others for their gifts to you,
an energetic portal of universal support is opened,
accelerating the Law of Attraction to deliver more.

A psychology professor at the University of Michigan, Peterson regularly gave his students an unusual homework assignment. He asked them to write a "gratitude letter," a kind of belated thank-you note to someone in their lives. Studies show such letters provide long-lasting mood boosts to the writers. Indeed, after the exercise, Peterson says his students feel happier "100 percent of the time."
-- Lauren Aaronson



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