Thursday, January 28, 2010

Gratitude - Day 36

Reflections of Gratitude


--Choice, Divinity and Grace by Stacey Robyn

Just for today:

Focus on enjoying present Peace within...

Letting Go ...

Letting Go ...

Letting Go ...

flow as timeless Now.


Enjoy this space, present yet flowing, an eternal growing of new views, appreciating subtle shifts as watery hues wake and roll --- shimmering reflections of all that is, in light of what may be, honoring what has been -- in order to be peace, be peaceful, be peacefulness.


A personal story from Stacy:

"During a time of mass personal transformation, I was offered an opportunity to travel to China to teach English and travel. With NO immediate funds available, or any clue as to how they might be arriving - I signed on the dotted line, and committed myself to the adventure. Intuitively, I knew at the time it was an exercise in being peace, letting go to be fully present, and enjoying flowing with the current of the journey.

With a grateful heart, a short time later, I stood before the bridge pictured above, a witness to my own magnificent ability to manifest my intentions. Peace flowed through my entire being as I realized the reflection before me was an illusion - in an instant, elemental influences would alter, re-arrange, and distort my view. However, by holding the experience, the meaning, the gift in my heart, this state of peaceful Gratitude transcended time to simply be ... An eternal Now within Me.

I am grateful to be here with you, to bridge our experiences in support of our mutual dreams, darings and adventurous wanderings. Thank you, thank you, thank for your presence on this amazing journey!

Thank you for co-creating World Gratitude. Thank you for being YOU.
In Love and Gratitude,


Perhaps you, too, remember a moment, THE moment, ONE moment when you knew you were powerful beyond measure, and all the heavens were present to deliver earthly treasures. Consider sharing with one another, in order to add memories the collective successes enjoyed by many as ONE.

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