Thursday, February 4, 2010

Gratitude - Day 38


Imagine Gratitude is an instrument of Peace - gracefully unifying heart and mind, and so releasing the boundaries of time, to freely enjoy riding the currents of creation ... a 'Peace' of Love flowing to Grow and Be the Great-Full-ness of Life.

Peace is wholeness -- a Divine Union of Now with All that IS -- Micro mirroring Macro, and uniquely complete.

Being Peace is to re-member the sacredness, beauty and perfection of creation, and so is a release, an ease, a calm comfort waking through our being to fully appreciate Now -- by focusing our attentions on the gift of the Present.


Look at the symbol - there is an 'inner piece', embraced by the Great-Full-ness of Life.

All by Divine design~ a symbolic reflection of our birth right to thrive and enjoy a state of inner peace.


Being Our Peace Prayer/Meditation

In order to effectively usher in the new paradigm of peace through a group collective effort of
prayer/meditation, it is important that we create a feeling-based prayer in which we are being our

The ancient Essene-Kabbalistic teaching (on which Greg Braden's "Isaiah Effect" is based) has a specific word for this technology of prayer--
l'hitpallel. It is a unique expression, which is profoundly different than the contemporary meaning of prayer that infers praying to God or begging God to change God's mind (as if God is outside of us).

L'hitpallel is a verb. It means to do something to oneself. This way of being in prayer is embodied in the Native American way. The Native American shamans did not pray for rain, they prayed rain. L'hitpallel is not about some external God hearing prayers; it is about us being our prayers, in other words, to hear our own prayers by being them.

This is the key technology. We create a feeling of peace, rather than a prayer asking for peace. In
l'hitpallel, we are actively and intentionally filling our hearts and having a feeling-based experience of what it is that we are creating.

It is feeling that what we are praying for has already happened, and for this we stay in a state of thankfulness.



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