Thursday, July 29, 2010

Launch Day: Californians for Mercury-Free Dentistry

Today we launched the pilot project for Californians for Mercury-Free Dentistry in Southern California. Our goal is to create mercury dental amalgam-free zones by providing:
• consumer education
• direct action (petitions)
• dentist conversion
• protecting dental auxiliaries

We will accomplish this by placing petitions in health professional offices, surveying dentists, and providing education (speaking) in appropriate forums such as groups and public forums.

Certificates will be awarded to the mercury-free dentists and other businesses who support mercury-free dentistry. Mercury-free practices will also be included on an internet (global) list of mercury-free providers.

We are currently working on an online petition so that anyone, anywhere can make their voice heard to put an end to amalgams. We will make an announcement when it is available.

Going forward, we anticipate worldwide impact. Consumers for Dental Choice in Washington, DC may submit this as a “pilot project” to the United Nations Environmental Programme, and then report on its success at the next UN session in January 2011 in Tokyo.

Please go to for more information regarding the dangers of mercury amalgams ("silver fillings"), and how this outdated, toxic practice should be phased out. Amalgams are toxic to your body AND the environment -- that stuff gets dumped somewhere --- it ends up in our water supply, our soil, our food source, and off-gasses into the air we breathe.

Join us in our mission! We had a great time today. There's plenty of work to do -- we welcome interested, like-minded people to join us in elevating awareness of optimum lifestyle options to assist the consumer in demanding the very best in health care.

Work local, and it will become global!


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Professor Initiates Hunger Strike to Protest Maltreatment of Mercury-Poisoned Consumers Worldwide

Speak up for the Gandhi of the Mercury-free Dentistry Movement

Professor Servando Pérez – the leader of the mercury-free dentistry movement in Spain and First Vice President of the World Alliance for Mercury-Free Dentistry – initiated a hunger strike* last Monday to protest the maltreatment of mercury-poisoned consumers worldwide.

Servando was diagnosed with chronic mercury poisoning two years ago. In a victory for Spanish amalgam-poisoning patients, the highest court in Spain ruled that he was poisoned by his mercury dental fillings and Spain’s public health care system was required to pay for chelation either at its hospital or a private clinic.

His health deteriorating fast, Servando checked into the hospital for treatment. But despite the Spanish judge’s order, the hospital refused to provide him chelation and failed to pay for him to receive treatment at a private clinic. The hospital complains that treating one mercury-poisoned patient would lead to treating all mercury-poisoned patients. Instead, the hospital has been harassing Servando and pressuring him to leave the hospital despite his debilitating illness. The latest tactic is to starve him out: His illness has restricted his diet, but the hospital refuses to accommodate his dietary needs.

With Gandhi-like discipline, this talented young man has refused to leave the hospital without the chelation treatment he is entitled to. Acting on behalf of all of us, Servando has declared that he is going on a hunger strike until he receives much-needed treatment.

Here’s how you can support Servando Pérez and stop this medical abuse now:

Send an email to:
1) Subdirector of the Hospital Santiago de Compostela Dr. Jose-Ramòn Gòmez at
2) the Head of Health Committee in the Spanish Congress, Gaspar Llamazares at
3) the Minister of Health of the province of Galicia at

Tell them:
I support Servando Pérez’s right to receive treatment for dental mercury poisoning. He is entitled to this treatment and he needs it now.

Ask them:
1) Why are you denying a necessary treatment to a critically ill patient?
2) Why is your Spanish health care system harassing a patient in desperate need of treatment for dental mercury poisoning?

Charles G. Brown
President, World Alliance for Mercury-Free Dentistry
National Counsel, Consumers for Dental Choice
28 July 2010

* also available at


NOTE: I've already sent my emails.


Thursday, July 22, 2010

"Victory or Death"

That was the password the night President George Washington crossed the Delaware while his 2,500 troops marched in the cold winter darkness, a third of them without boots, but swaddled in burlap wrapped around their feet, leaving a bloody trail -- and surprising 800 enemy soldiers -- taking them all captive. Following this huge victory, 15,000 troops enlisted under Washington's command. The rest is American history.

So what does this have to do with your health?

Americans lead busy lives -- our stress levels are maxed. Our bodies are breaking down and new diseases are created in their wake. That said, we've all been taking notes to better manage our stress, improve our food choices and take time to relax and have fun. The last thing we need is to hear that the ACLU filed a lawsuit because a cross, located in the Mohave Desert, is a "threat" to secular religious groups; or that the 9th circuit court ruled that saying "one nation under God" during the Pledge of Allegiance is now unconstitutional. Why then, since this country was founded on Christian principles, would any government worker/public servant have the nerve or desire to draw a salary from it's taxpayers if they are so offended?

I'm all about freedom. Freedom of choice, freedom of speech, freedom of belief, freedom of health choices, freedom to take a walk outside when I feel like it....freedom in the general sense of the word. I've also been nationally recognized and awarded for my 'tolerance' of others. That said, I'm over this tippy-toeing around issues that directly and negatively impact people, while "visitors" get preferential treatment from our government....and we, the taxpayers, have to suck it up and pay their way. Where's the freedom in that?

Have we been victimized for our tolerance? Have we become complacent and accepting as a people? Are we naive to think our government would never to anything to put us at risk in any way? Well, that's our bad if we continue with business as usual.

Perhaps it's time that we, the people, write a "standard of behavior", because this "politically correct" nonsense it's ALL political, but not correct -- and it's put our nation and its citizens at risk - physically, emotionally and financially. Yes, financially. We pay dearly for the extra security and special treatment advantages provided to, for example, terrorist prisoners -- and they seem to have more rights than our own American citizens and prisoners.

Sidebar: I recently visited the Newport Beach Post Office for a passport. They refused to issue one to me because I changed my name since the original issue of my passport. Seriously? Like many people, I have 3 names on my birth certificate, and now only use two of them, which are on all my government documents (social security card, drivers license, etc.), credit cards and bank business. The name I use now (and have since the 80's) is on my birth certificate! So not only am I required to produce my birth certificate, social security card and California driver's license, I was told I also need to dig up additional tax returns, college and medical records AND my official company records going back a minimum of SIX YEARS! Since when are college records 'government issued'?

Note: The Franchise Tax Board has been very happy to have accepted my tax payments over the years -- no matter what name I've used!

Question: Why is it so easy for non-citizens to come here an suck off our teat, but so difficult for someone US born and raised to leave?

Answer: The employees at the Newport Beach Post Office explained to me that terrorist activity has something to do with it...."everything's changed since 9/11".....jeeze, ya think? But I believe there's more to it than that. Our freedoms seem to shrink daily, and I'd hate to believe it's leading to the death of our nation as we know it.

Whew! This was my first public rant. But I know I'm not alone in my frustration with our changing government, because I hear it all day long --- and that's become a major health issue -- people are worried and anxious about what the future of our country will be for themselves and their children. And they know they're not being told everything and feel helpless and like they're not doing right by their families.

Here's a 10 minute video with some interesting information and history from Newt Gingrich:

I want my country back!


Monday, July 19, 2010

Dr Mercola's Comments on Mercury Dental Amalgam

Dr Mercola posted this video clip on his website: Here are his


To the consumers of America and around the world, the Mercola Newsletter salutes you. You did it! FDA has agreed to re-examine its pro-mercury fillings position, and to consider protecting those whose brains are still developing, children and the unborn.

But FDA has pulled out the rug from consumers before on dental mercury. In 2008, settling a court case filed by Charlie Brown, FDA posted stark warnings that amalgam can injure the developing brains of children and fetuses. In 2009, FDA buried the warnings, placing them where they hoped parents wouldn't see them. If any agency requires continued vigilance, it is FDA.

The issue now is who will sit on the FDA panel that will determine the safety of dental mercury. FDA has a history of stacking the deck of its panels, so that the pro-industry staff position gets ratified. I ask you to write Dr. Jeffrey Shuren, Director, Center for Devices and Radiological Health, and ask that he convene a balanced panel -- that he not pack it with dental school deans and others with ties to the pro-mercury American Dental Association. If the FDA panel is to have any credibility whatsoever, Dr. Shuren needs all sides fairly represented on it.

So I recommend you write Dr. Shuren at; ask him for a balanced dental products panel to review the FDA dental mercury rule -- a humane panel of people dedicated to protecting children and unborn babies from exposure to toxic products. Let him know that the public will not tolerate a panel biased in favor of the American Dental Association's pro-mercury position -- not when our children's health is at stake.

The 20 Minute Work-Out -- No Equipment Required

Our bodies were designed to move....but are you working your machine?

Here's a 20 minute work-out you can do just about anywhere. Everyone can find 20 minutes a day for themselves -- no excuses! You'll be happy you did the work now --- especially when you get older. On a recent trip back east, my mother even said, "I wish I would have started doing all these good things 10 years ago." Those were difficult words to hear, but I'm happy she finally "gets it".

If you are unable to perform some of the exercises, do the ones you are able to do, and build your reps and sets accordingly. As with any exercise program, you'll get out of it what effort you put into it, so don't make it too easy for yourself, but use your best judgment. It's wise to consult your physician before starting and exercise plan.

Add a 30 minute daily walk and notice a big change in the way you look and feel!


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Quote of the Day

Life is short, God's way of encouraging a bit of focus.

- Robert Brault

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How You Can Help Eliminate Dental Mercury

See the video here:

FDA's abysmal 2009 amalgam rule -- allowing a cover-up of the very existence of the mercury, and not even protecting children and unborn children from this unnecessary mercury exposure -- triggered a massive response from grassroots America.

"Unprecedented consumer-level pressure," according to the respected independent publication FDA Webview, meant that "no final rule in FDA's modern history, or perhaps ever, has attracted this kind of organized opposition." With a myriad of consumers repeatedly phoning and e-mailing FDA, the agency had to seriously consider a series of excellent petitions for reconsideration, one filed by Washington lawyer Jim Turner for Citizens for Health, another by IAOMT lawyers Jim Love and Bob Reeves, and a third by University of Virginia medical school professor emeritus Richard Edlich.

Then in June, 2010 the heat went from national to international. The United Nations convened the nations to negotiate a treaty on mercury, where the cause of mercury-free dentistry was well-represented. Charlie Brown of Consumers for Dental Choice founded the World Alliance for Mercury-Free Dentistry and brought a delegation from seven nations to the conference.

As the chief protector of dental mercury, FDA was exposed for the pariah that it has become on protecting consumer health and safety.

On the fifth day of the United Nations conference, FDA caved. FDA announced it will convene hearings this December before its Dental Products Panel to determine whether to stop amalgam use for children and pregnant women.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cortisol: The Facts

Cortisol is a hormone found in the body that is released in high amounts during periods of stress and anxiety. It can also elevate sugar levels if not controlled sufficiently. You can find several types of food to lower cortisol levels. Elevated cortisol levels are also linked to belly fat.


    Lean proteins have the ability to lower cortisol levels. Consume fish, turkey and chicken as well as foods that are high in vitamin B, like dairy, eggs and vegetables.


    It is important to learn how to identify foods that raise cortisol levels and avoid these. Food types include high carb foods like breads, pasta, sweets and rice.


    There are certain herbs that have been found to lower cortisol levels as well, such as rose hip extract.


    Besides adjusting your diet, you can perform other lifestyle changes to lower cortisol levels. This includes relaxation techniques like deep breathing and meditation.


    Avoid using dietary supplements that claim to reduce cortisol levels. Examples include CortiDiet and CortiSlim. The FDA has not approved these products for this purpose.

How to Lose Belly Fat -- For Real

So now we know the dangers of belly fat -- but how can we lose it and create flat abs? Here's your guide to the basics:

• Drink pure water throughout the day - 1/2 your body weight in ounces. For example, if you weigh 100 lbs, drink 50 oz per day, 120 lbs, drink 60 oz per day, and so on. You will feel 'full' and not want to aimlessly snack. Consume 4 oz per 20 minutes rather than gulping large quantities to allow your body to absorb water to avoid 'running' to the bathroom.

• Soda, sugary drinks and water drinks containing high fructose corn syrup or other food additives are a big no-no. If it isn't pure water, let it go. But feel free to add a slice of lemon, lime, orange, cucumber or whatever you choose to naturally flavor your water.

• Prepare your meals at home. Dining out, in most cases, will not be as helpful to your weight loss goals. Fast food is just pure sabotage.

• Graze. Space your meals out by allowing 2 1/2 hours or so between small meals.

• Eliminate refined sugar (candy, pastries, etc.) and foods that process as sugar (alcohol). Limit natural sugars (fruits, etc).

• Make your own juice drinks. Go out and buy a good juicer. It's worth the investment. Not only will you fill up on perfect organic nutrition, but you will also help prevent nutritional deficiencies. Fact: Most people in the US are overfed, but malnourished. Don't be one of them.

• Increase exercise. Walking, swimming, stretching, yoga -- just start moving! Consult with your physician before starting an exercise plan. My fave: Swimming or moving through water (walking, running, aerobic movement) is a refreshing way to use your body weight as resistance against the water. You'll burn calories, tone muscles and keep cool while doing so!

• Burn more calories than you take in. Makes sense, right?

Check the LNH archives for more nutritional guidance and information.

Live long!

Body Fat: You Can Change That Spare Tire!

When it Comes to Body Fat, It's All About Location

Find out why omentum -- a type of belly fat -- is the baddest fat in town

By RealAge

What’s In a Name?

If you’re overweight, the extra fat is sure to manifest itself in some outward side effects, like a lack of energy or self-esteem. But many of the risk factors associated with carrying too much fat don’t have any outward symptoms at all -- the only way to tell whether being overweight is threatening your life is by focusing on what’s happening at your body’s most core levels.

There are lots of ways to refer to the unhealthy fat located deep inside the belly. But by any name, it’s the most dangerous kind of body fat:

  • Omentum
  • Belly fat
  • Intra-abdominal adiposity (IAA)
  • Visceral fat
  • Beer gut
  • Abdominal fat
  • Spare tire

Three Kinds of Fat
See, fat is like real estate: It’s all about location, location, location. We all have three kinds of fat: fat in our bloodstream (called
triglycerides), subcutaneous fat (which lies just beneath the skin’s surface), and omentum fat. The omentum is a fatty layer of tissue located inside the belly, where it hangs underneath the muscles in your stomach (which is why some men with beer guts have hard-as-a-keg bellies -- their fat is under the muscle). You may hear people on the street refer to it not only as a beer gut but also as belly fat, love handles, a beach-ball belly, or a spare tire. Doctors refer to it as visceral fat or intra-abdominal adiposity (IAA).

Because this omentum fat is so close to your organs, it’s their best energy source. (Why go to the gas station on the other side of town when there’s a station at the next corner?).

What Belly Fat Does
In addition, the fat released from the omentum rapidly and constantly travels to
your liver, unlike the fat on your thighs, which patiently waits. The processed material is then shipped to the arteries, where it is linked to health risks like high LDL (lousy) cholesterol. Also, the more omentum fat you have, the less adiponectin you produce. Adiponectin is a stress- and inflammation-reducing chemical related to the hunger-controlling hormone leptin.

Those are the reasons why the fat on your thighs doesn’t matter as much to your health as does omentum fat, and they help explain why omentum fat (or an “apple” body shape) is more harmful than subcutaneous fat (like thigh fat, which gives you a “pear” shape). Subcutaneous fat isn’t supplying a feeding tube to your vital internal organs, and it’s not messing up the levels of substances in your blood that are being supplied to those organs.

Encouraging News
What’s most interesting -- and encouraging -- is that as soon as you make physiological changes to your omentum, your body starts seeing the effects. That is, once your body senses it’s losing that fat, then your body’s blood-related numbers (
cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar) start traveling in a healthy direction -- within days, before you even notice any physical signs of weight loss. It’s a good reason not to get discouraged by the numbers on your scale during the first few weeks of a diet, because you’re doing the right things for your body.