Thursday, January 14, 2010

Gratitude - Day 23

Full Spectrum Intention

-- Bruce Harman, Rainbow Heart

Rainbows -- full spectrum visualizations of watery manifestations bridging earth and sky right before our very eyes.

Rainbows offer a sensory confirmation that change is in the air, using present elements to create a shift in perspective - full spectrum, that is.

So it is with manifesting intentions. By shining our light (attention, intention) through water (our bodies being 70% water, brain 85%) an arc connects all that is with all that may be.

What is this arc, this connection, this bridge?


Intention bridges emotion with possibility.

Like a rainbow, arcing through watery time, bending Light to reflect colors sublime,
our intentions bridge heaven and earth -- connecting emotion with
matter, possibility with manifestation.

Gratitude is our presence,
witness and acceptance of this gift.

In Gratitude we stand as this Bridge of Light,
a prism revealing the colors of white,
a living testament to this:
We are One body of living Love.

Light reflects off water at a 42 degree angle to create a rainbow -- 42 Days of Gratitude.

"If manifestation is the ability to practice living in the feeling of a future reality, so we become the magnet attracting it into the present moment, intention must be the bridge that (returns) us to this mindset on a daily basis."

Life is merely a manifestation,
playing out into form the emotions you feel most often.

Spectrum of Intentions
by Matt Kahn

As long as I am breathing, I will always be alive.
As long as I am alive, I will always be evolving.
As long as I am evolving, I will always be changing.
As long as I am changing, I will always be conscious.
As long as I am conscious, I will always be deliberate.
As long as I am deliberate, I will always be intentional.
As long as I am intentional, I will always be focused.
As long as I am focused, I will always be consistent.
As long as I am consistent, I will always be certain.



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