Saturday, January 23, 2010

Gratitude - Day 31

Frequent See of Gratitude

Just for today:
Breathe deeply ...
Now peacefully focus on creating a state of Gratitude deep within you. As you begin to recognize the shift within, quietly give thanks for remembering the presence of this powerful tool for transformation.

As you
offer a heartfelt 'thanks' to you, an energetic
amplifcation of this Source force energy magnifies the essence, presence, and power of Gratitude within, creating harmonic waves resonating with others, too, who are now heart-fully focusing on Gratitude.


As each heart holds a pattern of Gratitude, a resonant wave begins to flood beyond our bodies. connecting each heart in harmony with the frequency of Gratitude ... creating interwoven fields, fractals of energetic transformation and doors of possibility between each being choosing to vibrate with Love and Gratitude.

Just imagine what the surface of the earth might look like as we become standing waves, immersing ourselves, the planet -- all creation in a hearty wave of Gratitude.

Now imagine what might happen as we all choose to enter a state of Gratitude - in unison, as One.


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