Sunday, January 3, 2010

Gratitude - Day 11

Entopic Gratitude


Simply focus on Gratitude.

Our heavens dance in circles and spirals, from the smallest atoms to the grandest galaxies.

So it is, too, with you as Gratitude.


"At one time alphabets were based and related to "shape-forms." Some of the earliest examples of linear symbols in Europe were found in Magdalenian cave sites (12,000-17,000 years before the present time).

There is also a skull discovered at Mezhirich in the Ukraine, painted with tiver (red ochre) that dates from 14,000 years ago. These identifiable symbols are still recognizable today. They include the runes, the cross, the swastika and many religious and magical sigils.

Why the need for these symbols? You see, they were based on the notion of entopic forms. Entopic forms are those forms seen when the eyes are shut. Theories abound, but one thing is clear. Neurophysiology has identified phosphenes, geometric shapes and images embedded in our subconscious. These are lodged within our visual cortex and neural system. When one's consciousness has been altered, these forms are produced. They are universal in nature so it matters not from what country, educational background or supposed religious elitism one finds themselves believing in. These entopic forms used in meditation are for one thing only. They were used to induce trance to help us find our way home."

-- source: sci-forums


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