Saturday, January 9, 2010

Gratitude - Day 18


Gratitude opens the way to forgive-ness -
allowing our heart and mind
to receive wisdom and experience release
while letting go of timely attachments, expectations,
or perceived notions on how life could/would/should be.

Just for today, ask yourself:
• Are there any grievances I have yet to resolve?

• Am I yet to forgive another person, or myself?

As so, allow these memories to surface.

With Gratitude, give thanks for their presence, lovingly asking, "What is the gift of this experience?
What hidden wisdom is ready to be revealed?"

As this gift is received and accepted by you, clear, seal and heal the experience by using this mantra:

I am For Giving LOVE with GRATITUDE.

Forgiving LOVE For Giving LOVE ...a new perspective, as seen through the eyes of Gratitude.


Emotions really are only indicators of the vibrational state you are choosing to express, and by awareness of the the variations in the inner comfort you feel, you will recognize their value. Your state of happiness at all times is determined by the choices you are making, and you can enjoy a lighter level of consciousness, either by choosing a brighter emotion, or by viewing yourself in a more positive light.

Thus a sure method for invoking the highest emotion of joy, is to deliberately choose to either see yourself as the Divine being of Intelligent Love that you are, or to feel genuine gratitude for whatever the situation offers. The quality of your living is always a product of the choices you are continually making moment by moment.

It follows then, that as you practice looking beyond appearances and express feelings of love, kindness and gratitude, you will enjoy immediate benefits of joy and well-being that are highly therapeutic, not only for yourself,
but for our whole body. That kind of emotional attitude is a proven and enjoyable way of maintaining
optimum heath patterns in both your mind and body.

An excellent exercise to ensure your own inner peace, is to examine your consciousness for all embedded grievances, and dissolve them one by one with forgiveness.
-- Paul LeBaron



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