Saturday, January 16, 2010

Gratitude - Day 24

Chews Gratitude

-- kirlian photo of an apple

Just for today:

As you prepare to eat of earthly treats, be it morning, noon, or night, intentionally project Love and Gratitude to bless and perfect your food.


Whole fruits and vegetables are high-water content - containing anywhere between 65% (potatoes and yams) to 95% (watermelons). As water reflects our intentions, changing its crystalline structure - so, too, do the waters in our foods - creating a meal in harmony with the body, and in resonance with the highest good of all.

Plant life emits an energetic signature, as shown above in the Kirlian photograph of an apple. Imbueing our food with Love and Gratitude opens a gateway, connecting our physical bodies (earth, water, fire, wind) with Source, amplifying currently available stores of energy to uplift, nourish and strengthen our bodies.


"Because we live in a fast food culture, with larger & larger urban populations and fewer rural farming communities, we have more and more of an emotional, spiritual and physical disconnect from our food supply, and from knowing where & how our food is grown.

By making food production and consumption a form of communication with the Divine, we will individually and collectively develop the Will Forces, the Heart Forces & Soul Forces within we so desperately need to strengthen us to perform our task upon the Earth at this crucial moment of cultural transformation -- the end of the Age of Competition, Industrialization and Oil and Global War, and the beginning of the Age of Co-operation, Environmentalism, Renewable Power and Global Community. By being prayerful in our gardens and our fields, in our kitchens and dining rooms, we learn to acknowledge the Divine Spark within all life forms on earth, from the smallest to the most predatory -- humans.

A simple act of Reverence, opens us to Grace, grounds us in the present awareness of our lives, and links us energetically to all with whom we are connected. Gratitude & Reverence open the gate to remembering our Spirit Selves. We pass through this doorway to the invisible world of Nature spirits. When we engage the Spirits of Nature, we further open ourselves to invisible nourishment -- to the unceasing incalculable flow of universal life force energy which creates, which fulfills and which moves through us all."
--Satya Center



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