Saturday, January 16, 2010

Gratitude - Day 26

Speak and Spell

--- Breath of Gold by Vicki Krieger

Speaking words of Gratitude is much more than "Thank You"
- it is an intentional journey to the heart -
to gather, collect, and reflect that which benefits all.

Gratitude gives us clarity, strength, and fortitude to speak our truth, be our word, and Live as Love.

Just for today:
Speak Gratitude into your conversations with others. Beyond words, let this Source force energy-in-motion (emotion) flood your conversations with appreciation for what is.

Be committed to feeling each word.
Let this be the intention - the standard - for verbal communications.

Also, listen for returning Gratitude, making note of changed atmosphere, outcome, or opening possibilities.


As you listen to the words of others - seek to discover the gift of Gratitude present in each syllable, sound and sentence. Feel the Love as Logos - the Word.

As you prepare to respond, go to Gratitude.

Words of truth, beauty, freedom and Love will spill forth to uplift and edify the exchange, flowing from the heart to Now.

As grateful words pass between you, misting the atmosphere with watery thoughts, others will benefit, too - a collective pool of current conversations waking with Love and Gratitude.

Each word spoken is recorded in our saliva - a vibratory reflection of the essence of the message. Being nearly 99% water, saliva holds a "memory" of all that passes through our body/mind/spirit. A healthy human produces nearly 600 milliliters of saliva each day - enough to fill a 12 oz. bottle.

Talk about swallowing our own words!


Join with me.
Come forth in gratitude.
Speak Thy golden words of LOVE,
Emanating from Thy heart;
Creating golden sparkles of Breath Divine.

As we speak our golden breath,
As we come forth in gratitude
With our "golden speech",
Blessings are bestowed upon all.
Like the ripples in a pond,
Ever increasing
Ever far reaching
Ever engulfing
Into the eternal Pond of Love
Into our Creator's arms
As One.
-- Vicki Krieger



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