Thursday, January 7, 2010

Gratitude - Day 16


Today marks our evolution beyond personal to communal Gratitude.

For the past 12 days our primary focus has been on Self, creating a greater connection to what IS, allowing our Love to be, and granting Gratitude the power to lead in a universal, yet personal way.

As we develop a strong sense of Self-Gratitude, this Source Force energy will, by nature of Syntropy, call order to chaos, re-creating our present-day civilizations into a harmonious gathering of Love as Light.

What is Syntropy? This word, coined by Luigi FantappiƩ in 19
42, is defined as "A tendency towards order and symmetrical combinations, designs of ever more
advantageous and orderly patterns. Evolutionary cooperation."


"We are no longer small, emotionally reactive human beings with problems and issues to solve. Instead we are becoming creational source being
s who share a dance with Life, who seek the very best in ourselves and others, who invent a new reality by loving it passionately and powerfully into being."
-- Source Unknown



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