Friday, January 22, 2010

Gratitude - Day 30

Reviewing Gratitude


To review our recent journey through the personal-communal-collective aspects of Gratitude, let's consider the progression of the experience.

To begin, we remember to listen within, immersing our physical consciousness in a cocktail of empowering endorphins, witnessing first-person what Gratitude feels like.

Next, to witness this power reflected by the "outer" life, as external manifestations begin to mirror Divinity within - intentions arriving in the form of new relationships, financial abundance, ecstatic excursions or blissful peace -- be they business, pleasure or play.

As others begin to resonate in harmony with Gratitude, continual confirmations arrive, satisfying the logical mind, allowing current awareness to take up residence in the center of our being - the heart.

Then, as Gratitude begins to wake and roll through hearts and minds worldwide, a glorious shift takes place. We 'think with our hearts and love with our minds', flipping this existence in honor of abundance, love, joy, bliss, peace and prosperity.


Just for today:

Right here, right now -- recreate a pattern.

Consider for a moment a current feeling of resistance, be this idea, experience, or possibility - one that keeps you from feeling the universal flow of Love and Gratitude.

Quickly make note of its presence. Love it. Now Let Go. As you do, feel Gratitude returning to fill this space - remember, nature abhors a vacuum and will quickly deliver a new intention ... one purely Divine, in-line and on time to assist a shift, a mass transformation happening now within you.


Jasmuheen offers this on resonance and Gratitude, excerpted from a list of 33 Universal laws:

#10. Law of Resonance: Like energies attract like particles due to their electromagnetic fields; so whatever we send out in thought, word or action, is amplified and returned to us.

#25. The Law of Gratitude: The Law of Gratitude is governed by the Law of Resonance. This law states that the more we express our gratitude for the things we enjoy in life, the more we will attract to ourselves things to be grateful for.



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