Friday, January 8, 2010

Gratitude - Day 17

Gratitude With Fortitude

As we spiral out beyond the Self to co-create with others, what virtue enhances this syntropic journey, allowing us to manifest increasingly complex, harmonious structures that support our dreams and passionate pursuits while gracefully moving through daily challenges as we change and re-arrange our reality?

In essence: What keeps YOU true to YOU, while co-creating through Gratitude?


Fortitude, defined as "constancy under difficulty",
is Gratitude in action. This is what keeps us true to our selves, following Divine inner virtues, while serving both Self and our growing family of Gratitude.

Why is fortitude such a powerful gift?
Fortitude is what turns our hearts to Gratitude in times of challenge. Fortitude is our strength, commitment, and dedication to
co-creating a world waking to the power of Love in Gratitude.


What creates Fortitude? Daily practice.

God, Divine Spirit of all there is, we thank you for this opportunity to gather together in one another's company. We thank you for the light you bring to this gathering.

Please grant us the vision to see the highest in one another, and grant us the opportunity to continue to be there for each other in ALL times.

Give us strength and fortitude to ride the tides of change, and empower us always to be nurturing and loving with one another. Open our spiritual eyes that we may see one another for who we truly are, and love one other in the same spirit.

May sadness, disappointment and anger be minimal; may happiness, positive thoughts and good experiences together be bountiful. May we always cope, and hope, with each other... with Grace.



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