Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gratitude - Day 34

Hello Halo

Just for today:
Imagine our symbol of Gratitude as a human halo Divinely designed to rest on our heads, linear time curving round to rise beyond now as receiver, translator, and illuminated believer.

On the flip side of the symbol?

An 'e' ... for ecstasy.

Ecstatically grateful, crowned in glory -- all by choice, temperament, and inner voice.

Gratitude, represented by this physical symbol, allows our logical minds to perceive the possibility, mechanics and presence of an energetic ring, lightly toted above our earthly being. As this logical mind feels satisfied, releasing control to higher guidance, an extension begins to make manifest the
peace within - moving beyond fear, terror, anger or rage to embody Love as Light, with Gratitude present and insight.

Consider this: Ecstasy is rooted in the Greek word, ekstasis, meaning to stand outside oneself, to feel your sense of self projected to a point outside that occupied by your body.

Ecstatic Gratitude - Hello, Halo!


"As you focus on the physical heart and generate the feeling of appreciation, or gratitude, a waveform of energy begins to flow throughout the body--carried by the magnetic fields of the heart, which emanate outward from the physical heart to encompass your entire body. As the flow of energy begins throughout the body, there is a spontaneous arising of ecstasy--cellular ecstasy.

In working with this method your attention is, again, on the heart, generating feelings of appreciation and gratitude. And as you sense ecstasy beginning to arise in your body, you shift your attention to the field around your body. This field of energy looks very much like a luminous egg
when viewed clairvoyantly.

There is a central line or axis that runs through the center of this field, and it happens to also run through the center of your physical body--through the top of the head and down through the perineum.

This line is the central axis of the magnetic field that comprises the subtle energy body. This body, or field, extends above the head and below the feet a few inches, to a several feet, or even yards. In certain highly charged energy states, the axis and subtle energy body can expand much farther than that.

By shifting your attention to this central axis and to the field surrounding your body, you allow the ecstasy to move out from the physical body into the field. This is very positive and creates powerful harmonic patterns that bring you into resonance with the waveforms of accelerated evolution that are flowing through your galaxy."
--The Hathors



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