Monday, January 4, 2010

Gratitude - Day 13

Eye (I) am Gratitude


-- Stacey Robyn, "Eye Love you, Alex" 2005

Upon arrival in physical time we daily change, re-arranging shape, form, and feature, our bodies growing by divine design to support our wishes, dreams, and adventures supreme.

Now consider this - from birth on, all dimensions change in our physical frames - all except one ...The EYE.

From first blink to final wink this window of time remains one size offering a steady view of timely Life.


It's what you choose to see that changes,
rather than just the view.


So how to re-view life as a child, trusting, open and pure?

Ready ...


Now Open your eyes prepared to newly view life through the eyes of Gratitude.


While our eyes remain the same size, the muscles used to alter our view are continually in a state of change, actively assisting our shifting gaze.

Here is a fabulous exercise to strengthen eye muscles, overcoming possible atrophy caused by staring at fixed distances - such as computer screens and other things. Consider using one or more exercises a day to maintain healthy eye muscles.

1. Stare at the tip of your nose. next, move your gaze to 15 feet in front of you. Now, extend your view to infinity, as far as you can see. Now move back and forth, through each stage 12 times.

2. Look up at the 12 o'clock position. Now look at three o'clock, six, nine and back to twelve. Hold each station for about three seconds, moving round the clock three times. Now reverse the flow, going back in time -- three spins.

3. Make the symbol of Gratitude, beginning within moving out and around to complete the form. Now reverse this spin, moving within to center you view in Gratitude ... repeat 'til you feel complete.



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