Sunday, January 10, 2010

Gratitude - Day 19

Gazing with Gratitude

Just for today:
Connect eye to eye with another while expressing Gratitude.

This opens a direct channel between each heart through the eyes, allowing truth to flow easily between you, charging energetic pathways with current possibilities ~ and creating a sacred moment as each recognizes, reflects and returns flowing expressions of Love and Gratitude.

To experience yet another level,
et go of saying words.
Simply direct your energy, projecting Gratitude as light-in-action, through your gaze, body gestures, and emotions.

Be fully present to note and appreciate how others receive
and return this silently spoken message of Love and Gratitude. Pay special attention to how this feels to you.

Conversations/possibilities/opportunities may arise and surprise as you gaze-a-way in Gratitude. Keep what's worth keeping and return the rest to Love.

Pay special attention to children when practicing this activity. You will find delighted amazement and brightened faces as you grace these young hearts with your Love and Gratitude gazes.


When you are grateful, your heart is open -- open towards others, open for surprise. In the days since the Wake-up Call we have seen remarkable examples of this openness: strangers helping strangers often in heroic ways. Others turn away, isolate themselves, dare even less than at other times to look at each other. Violence begins with isolation.

Break this pattern. Make contact with people whom you normally ignore -- eye-contact at least -- with the agent at the toll booth, the parking lot attendant, someone on the elevator.

Look a stranger in the eyes today and realize that there are no strangers.

You can feel either grateful or alienated, but never both at the same time. Gratefulness drives out alienation; there is not room for both in the same heart. When you are grateful you know that you belong to a network of give-and-takeand you say "yes" to that belonging. This "yes" is the essence of love. You need no words to express it; a smile will do to put your "yes" into action. Don't let it matter to you whether or not the other one smiles back. Give someone an unexpected smile today and so contribute your share to peace on earth.


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