Thursday, August 11, 2011

What "They" Want You to Believe About the New Vaccine Laws

There's a new law in California requiring 7th -12th graders to get a Tdap Booster before returning to school this fall.

Is the vaccine mandatory? NO.

California maintains Medical and Personal Belief Exemptions, as permitted by law.

  • Medical Exemption
    A licensed physician (MD or DO) who feels a vaccine is not indicated for a student because of medical reasons should submit to the school (via the patient’s family as needed) a written statement documenting the medical exemption. A form that can assist in this process is available to physicians. The school will place a copy of the completed statement in the student’s file
  • Personal Beliefs Exemption
    A parent or guardian may have a child exempted from required immunizations if immunization is contrary to his/her beliefs. Schools have standardized procedures for parents and guardians who request a personal beliefs exemption.
If you don't live in California, check your state vaccine exemption laws. You may need to spend an extra minute researching the information, but it's well worth your time.