Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gratitude - Day 22

Abundance as Current-See
--- artwork by Frank Riccio

Abundance = currency = "current see"

Giving thanks for that which you currently "see" sets a pattern, allowing the Law of attraction to create a way for you to receive all you believe possible.

Just for today:
Peacefully focus on what IS, giving thanks for current resources, surroundings, companionship, opportunities, silence and sound.

As you feel "in the flow", Gratitude glowing within, shift to a space of intentional creation. Allow your heart to manifest an optimum pathway, a vision leading
you through intended experiences filled with bliss and joy.

You may choose to lend your voice to this process, toning Ah-Om as you visualize, emotionally appreciate and intellectually assimilate your intended manifestation.

Ah = Attraction, Om = Gratitude
As you enter this state of intentional manifestation, allow Gratitude to be your guide, continually shifting focus to appreciate an abundance of currency you are able to currently see!

The above exercise utilizes all four brainwave patterns, creating a unified field in sync with your highest good, and that of others, too. Consider using this daily to flow beyond attitude to aptitude of Gratitude!

For reference, these four brainwave patterns are:
Beta = Senses and Logic
Alpha = Flowing Emotions
Theta = Intellectual or conceptual
Delta = Unified Intent


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