Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tsunami Preparedness

We all need to educate ourselves, our families, friends and communities in ways to be prepared for any disaster.

Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of NYC during the 9/11 strikes, said recently that the reason 9/11 rescue missions went so smoothly in NYC was because they had already done their due diligence and prepared to have systems in place prior to the incident.

I had the good fortune to hear the former mayor speak last week, and the topic of his discussion was "Relentless Preparation". He stated, "if you always prepare, you'll be ready for more than you think."


In this spirit, I consider those who could be impacted by tsunamis following Chile's massive quake, if not properly prepared. Let this be an opportunity to become educated NOW to prepare for our future.

If you think that it could never happen to you, think again. You don't have to live beachfront to experience the devastating effects of a tsunami. I'll bet that even the word 'tsunami' didn't even enter the minds of those folks vacationing in Thailand, Sri Lanka and the surrounding areas when they booked their Christmas 2004 holiday trip.

I'm with's wise to practice 'relentless preparedness'.
Preparation starts with education. Education starts here:

We pray for God's grace for those in Chile, as well as all who would be impacted by this devastating natural occurrence.


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