Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Health Care Reform Update - Vote NO! Today

There's no doubt we need to make some changes to our current health care system. That said, the current health care reform bill that is before congress today isn't going to help us the way people WISH it would. It will, rather, have a deleterious effect on our economy -- can we really take any more of that? It will also drop the quality of care we have in our current system.

Those over the age of 40 should really take this seriously, as they stand to suffer the most.

The current health care reform plan is a poorly and quickly revised version of a poorly written original bill. More time, thought and research needs to go into such an important proposal. Health care is crucial to every citizen, and deserves more time and attention. What's the rush anyway? Seriously. For some reason, this administration is rushing this bill through the system. That, in itself, makes me wonder......

I don't believe it's fair that US citizens get a lesser health care than congress, presidents, vp's, et al. They will not have to suffer through this health care reform, as they have their own special insurance...for life....that's paid by the taxpayers.
Think 'deli scene' from 'When Harry Met Sally" -- "I'll have what THEY'RE having!"

After all, citizens don't deserve any less than the public servants who represent them.

We need to take a step UP, not a step back. Think about it. Not only is this a quality of life issue, how about those financial ramifications! Long after we're gone, our grandchildren's grandchildren will still be paying off the socialized/national/universal/what have you nightmare reform plan of 2010. Is that the legacy you want to leave? I don't. We can do better.

There are more creative ways we can help people be well in this country that don't cost trillions of dollars we don't have to spend...or will have to borrow from China (again). I know tons of brilliant people (and you do, too) who can help put a plan together that makes sense, that won't break the economy, that won't break big insurance and won't break the medical communities. It's a little thing called "integrative healthcare". Ta Da! Everyone just needs to get a little less greedy and all Americans need to become more educated about self-treating, and taking responsibility for their health.

Many hard-working people who take care of themselves don't appreciate having to pay into a system to benefit those who eat junk, don't exercise, smoke, use substances excessively, and have caused themselves totally preventable health issues....heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

Man-up, people! Take responsibility! Your kids are watching.

Please call or email your congress people TODAY and vote "NO" on this health care reform bill. Give 'em a break so they can take more time to think a little longer about what's best for ALL Americans.

Simply google the names of your senators, go to their sites, and click on 'contact'. If you don't know their names, just google congress members for your state, and go from there. It's very easy. If you can read this information, you can do it. Just tell them how you feel.

The few minutes you take right now could mean preserving the future of our health freedom.


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