Thursday, February 4, 2010

Gratitude - Day 41


--by Shawn Gallaway

Just for today:

Music is a universally connective way to Celebrate life, expressing emotions as rhythmic time, wisdom as vibration, and joyful elation artfully translating what is often hidden within. Just as Gratitude is an ebb and a flow, so too does music move through our hearts - washing away the day's weight, prompting us to lift our voices to sing, buoying our feet to dance as we revel at the chance to heartfully BE ... To Muse-I-Call-Ye live and Love, in Gratitude.


Go Gratitude!

Just for today:

Celebrate by listening to this collection of Gratitude music, allowing the musical waves to dance and play, moving and grooving you into a trance-like state of Love and Gratitude!

Gratitude is a Master Key opening all doors of possibility ... who knew it is musical, too?


"Music has and also is the key to unlock the Heart-Door of the Supreme."
- Sri Chinmoy


"Shawn Gallaway's mission is clear: empowering people to take caring, positive action in their lives and in the world right now. He accomplishes this resoundingly through both his music and art. As a multi-talented guitarist, singer-songwriter, and visual artist, Shawn weaves music, song, and painting into a richly textured experience that calls for enlightened activism."


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