Monday, February 8, 2010

Promoting Heart Health

Now that we've explored the spirit of the heart, let's discuss ways to keep the heart physically healthy, strong and disease-free by intake of proper nutrition. Many cases of heart disease are totally preventable. We feel our best when we care for and honor our bodies, as these vessels get us through every minute of every day and night -- 24/7/365. We all eat, so it makes sense to make high quality food choices. Here are some suggestions to help keep us on the right track:

- Vitamin B
- Vitamin C
- Vitamin E (oxygenates cells)
- Beet juice (also excellent for liver)
- Garlic
- Daily use of lemon has been said to prevent the accumulation of cholesterol in the blood vessels.
- Mix a tablespoon of honey and juice of half a lemon in a glass of water, and drink before going to bed.
- Enjoy Parsley tea 2-3 times a day.
- Fresh grapefruits tone the heart. (I just finished having 2 grapefruits a day for 2 weeks. Amazing results!)
- Consume organic cruciferous vegetables - broccoli, brussel sprouts, califlower, cabbage, bok choy, rapini (broccoli rabe), chinese or napa cabbage, turnip root, mustart seeds, radish, kale, collard greens, water and landcress.
- Apples and apple juice stimulate the heart. We suggest juicing your own apples, rather than buying processed apple juice for the most benefit. Remember 'an apple a day.....'
- 10-20 minute bath at room temperature every other day.
- Regular exercise - any aerobic exercise is best - walking, swimming, dancing, etc.
- A spoon of tulsi (Holy Basil) juice with a spoon of honey on an empty stomach every day.
- High quality, well balanced food intake program - organic vegetables, fruits, antibiotic/hormone free meats/poultry, wild caught fish, oatmeal (eliminate processed food products).
- Limit sugar - instead use honey, agave, stevia.
- Limit salt, and use Himalayan, Celtic or sea salt.
- Limit/eliminate alcohol consumption -- c' KNEW that was coming!
- Avoid smoking, as it increases chances for heart disease.
- Minimize coffee consumption.

Spices, such as cardamom, tumeric, coriander, cumin, etc., are help maintain a healthy heart function.

High blood pressure and diabetes are the two enemies of heart disease, so be sure to get checked when at your doctor's office. The choices we make every day have an outcome -- make it a good one.


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