Friday, February 19, 2010

5 Ways to Help Heal Yourself for FREE!

Gym memberships can be pricey -- even with recent special pricing. And it's no secret that pharmaceuticals expensive. They are also, in many cases, over-prescribed. I am, by no means, a pharm-basher or a gym-hater -- I'm 'jes sayin' that there are ways to promote wellness and prevent disease that are totally FREE! So, if you've let your club membership go, don't fret.

Get yourself outside and commune with nature.

1. Get 20 minutes of unprotected sun per day.
Did you know that the reason why people tend to get colds and flu going into fall and winter months is due to decreased sun exposure? Vitamin D has immune function-enhancing benefits and helps our bodies manufacture it's own Vitamin D supply, which helps prevent diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Also, a strong immune function is your best defense to preventing infectious disease (better than vaccines).

Note: If you take supplements, make sure yours contains Vitamin D3 for most benefit.

2. Get out and move your body.
Walk, run, surf, ski, board, tennis, swim, hike, dance, volleyball, bike....our bodies are machines and were created to move. Taking a brisk walk outside, viewing scenery, is also more visually stimulating and fun! You may not even feel like you're 'exercising'!

3. Brain-stimulating color therapy.
Nature is God's free art show. Colors found in nature -- flowers, hillsides, animals, trees, water, etc., provide healing and stimulate brain function to keep the brain active and increases intelligence.

4. Breathe in the fresh air.
No matter how clean you keep your home, it's still loaded with contaminants -- off-gassed synthetics from carpets, construction materials, furniture, paint, etc., and even mold in air ducts. If you live near a pine forest, lucky you. If you don't, get to one and take a walk. I love doing this in the summer months because it smells so good and the trees keep it nice and cool. Many times there are streams in these forests...a little bonus. I always feel refreshed and renewed after walking through a forest for a few hours. If that sounds like a lot of time to you, it's really not. As mentioned earlier, time passes very quickly when you're outside taking in color, light, smells, etc.

5. Listen to the sounds of nature.
Sound therapy has huge benefits, too, and nature has more than it's fair share of (free) sounds....the ebb and flow of the tide, streams, waterfalls, rain, crickets, etc., have scientific evidence to show a reduction in blood pressure and stress levels. Become aware of your own rested breathing rhythm.

Share the wealth!....get your kids and friends and family out there, too.


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