Thursday, February 4, 2010

Gratitude - Day 39


-- Krystleyez

Seed balls: Complimentary growing partners held together by nutritive materials, wisely spread about the earth to replenish land, nourish inhabitants, and encourage strength through diversity.

Created to sprout during optimum conditions, allowing Mother Earth to activate Divinely designed coding within, these time capsules of living, loving possibility are present, accounted for, and prepared to go/grow Now.
You see, we have been gathering to replenish the Earth with new seeds balls of Light, in hue-man form, all coded for creation, and mixed with Love and Gratitude.

We, the Seed Balls, are spread across all lands, yet intimately connected. Through intent, and by being aligned with the Heart's calling, we will grow to thrive, beautify and enliven all creation.

Each Seed Ball has been planted, catalyzed, and nourished by our world wide wave of Gratitude -- each held sacred at the Heart of You.


Imagine the unfolding like this:

Consider: Even our symbol of Gratitude, by divine design, is a seed ball. Centered within is a seed, sprouting round as a new possibility, held safe by a community-created sacred space, at the Heart of Gratitude.

Now imagine you are this seed, embraced by the Great-Full-ness of Life. In order to go, this seed must grow Now and break. Break free of all that it used to be, and rise toward the Light in order to bloom and thrive.

This is a great time to re-view the short movie made for this wave of World Gratitude:

Here you will find a Dream Seed, planted upon the altar of the Heart of Humanity, gathered into a ball of Gratitude, and opening to shine the Light of Love for all to see.

Our waking dreams are these Seed Balls of possibility. Together we are preparing the way to thrive and enjoy life -- All by Aligning with the Heart's calling and Embracing the Great-Full-ness of Life.


As the light of the sun
Nourishes the earth
Life sprouts through the plant
Allowing us to transform
The earth's breath of life
Into human deeds of light
Replenishing the source
-- author unknown

-- The Blessing Seed
by Alison Dexter


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