Thursday, February 4, 2010

Gratitude - Day Now

Day Now - Thank You!

Our hearts are overflowing, a warm glowing presently growing within, as we move beyond our initial 42 days of the World Gratitude gathering.

Thank you for sharing your lives, thoughts, and experiences.

Thank you for your dedication to creating miracles, for the courage to dream, birthing new visions, aspirations and manifestations.

Thank you for being You.

Now, you may be wondering
'What now?"

We believe our gathering has laid the foundation for an emerging new world ... one built on the principles and gentle strength of Love and Gratitude, and will continue to thrive as new ideas, projects, miracles and possibilities emerge.

Many are present now, others are seedlings just planted, being nurtured through a healthy dose of daily Gratitude.

Now we began this journey with a purpose -- to Align with the Heart's calling and Embrace the
Great-Full-ness of Life. We also invited you to set an intention, something to focus on and bring to Life throughout this process.

Today we invite you to re-visit this intention, and the journey, too, that has brought us here, NOW, together as One.

Breathe into your hearts and ask yourself this question, "What AM I Great-Full for today?"

Let this image, feeling, or memory flood through you, and fill every particle of your being. Take joy in accomplishments made. Release any attachment to how this might have been imagined, and simply Be with the beauty and perfection of All that IS.

As you feel inspired, share this unique insight, experience, healing or prayer of Gratitude with others.

Remember -- caring is sharing, and we each hold a 'peace' of the Grande Design. By opening our hearts, and shining Light on the beauty of our Lives, we inspire others to find and share the Great-Full-ness of Life, too -- together weaving a vision for our emerging world into being, and laying the foundation for change with Truth, Beauty, Freedom and Grace.

Together we are better, and we are blessed beyond measure to be here with you.

Our heartfelt thanks to each and every heart who welcomed incoming members of World Gratitude with sincerity, Love and appreciation. You set an example worthy of emulation and inspire us on a daily basis.

It feels wonderful to be together now, during this time of mass transformation, supporting one another through the shifts, sharing wisdom and resources, and enjoying what Is with Love and Gratitude.

To close, we believe Dag Hammarskjold's little prayer of
affirmation strikes the proper tone:

To Everything that has been--thanks
For Everything that will be--yes.

Thank you for standing together to witness the creation of a new world - and for the honor of being here with YOU.

In deep Love and Gratitude,

Stacey Robyn, Ken Herbert
and the ground crew of World Gratitude


World Gratitude Gathering --

Aligning with the Heart's calling and Embracing the Great*full*ness of Life!



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