Thursday, February 4, 2010

Gratitude - Day 40


--by Michael Benjamin

Welcome and Congratulations! Today we enter three days of Celebration.

Together, we have journeyed beyond realms of time, exploring inner sanctuaries to heartfully view our world through the eyes of Gratitude.

Beginning with the personal aspects of Gratitude, our journey has taken us through a communal perspective, beyond Global, delivering us to Now - refined, strengthened, empowered, and connected.

Miracles, synchronicities, and evolutions of Divine multiplicities have been experienced, witnessed, and shared - within our growing family of Gratitude - and beyond.

Be ecstatic, as you are in the company of powerful beings of Love and Light, connecting with their energy to form a grid of Gratitude encircling the Earth.


Just for today:
Open your heart to celebrate an experience, memory, insight or ah-hah! received during our time together. As you connect, release the details, simply tapping in to the feeling. This feeling, as energy-in-motion, is a Master Key, opening all doors of possibility, for you and all others who choose to live in Love and Gratitude.

This discipline - the ability to shift into a pure state of Gratitude - will allow our intentions to be-come manifestations with ease, speed, and grace by opening our hearts to believe and our minds to receive.

You see, as our bodily waters crystallize, peacefully reflecting the geometric perfection of Gratitude, so will all other bodies of water, too.

On Day 42, we will be entering a space of Gratitude by clearing our thoughts, expectations, or attachments - opening ourselves to be aligned with the Heart's calling and embracing the
Great-Full-ness of Life.

You are invited to join with us, where ever you are. Most importantly, breathe into your heart.
Listen to the space between each breath, for this is where Love resides. Feel yourself being Aligned with the Heart's calling and Embrace the Great-Full-ness of Life.

By nature, this will co-create a wave of Gratitude, planet-wide, rolling through hearts and minds, to bridge what has been with what will Be -- and so usher in the Age of Peace and Illumination.


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