Tuesday, April 7, 2009

US Vaccine Mandates: Fact or Myth?

There has been a huge push to mandate vaccines for school age children in the US for many years. Your school district may tell you that they will not allow entrance for your child unless they are vaccinated.

It is against the law to mandate vaccines in the US. Parents can 'opt out' by providing a medical, philosophical or religious exemption. A doctor or clergy member can assist you.

It's important we all become vigilant about proposed changing of laws in each state in order to preserve our health freedoms. Don't expect to hear about the proposed changes regarding health issues, especially the mandating of vaccines. More often than not, you will hear about them AFTER the laws have been passed. For example, we all heard about the Patriot Act bill in the wake of 9/11, which was passed in October 2001. Holy civil liberties, Batman!....did you know that it was revised and another version was passed in 2006? Yup, 'they' quietly slipped that one by us.

Several states have become a hotbed of activity relevant to the mandating of vaccines. If you live in NY or NJ, you know what I'm talking about! If you live in IL, do your due diligence now! Don't be naive. It's more important than ever to know your state laws and keep up with them.

If you don't have children, don't ignore this information. Mandating for one population will lead to mandating for all....even you. I have more information on this I'll share with those of you who are interested.


We live in the United States, meaning that each state mandates their own laws, but when a law gets passed that can be of particular benefit to a special interest group, it will be 'worked' to pass nationally. Think cell phones...ever wonder why the law passed for hands-free cell phones? First NYC, then CA, then NJ and the spread continues. Is it really about accident statistics? or is it about this:


And that's only ONE example. There are more:


You see where we're going....and going and going...because one thing always leads to another.

Let US decide where the road leads.

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