Thursday, April 9, 2009

Drs Weil, Oz, Ornish and Hyman Testify Before the Senate

Dr Andy Weil and ocnaturaldoc 
at the
Natural Products Expo West
Anaheim, California
March 2009

President Obama has recently suggested expanding the pathway to a healthier nation to include alternative and integrative medicine. Money has already been appropriated for this effort. How will it be spent?

Here's an inside track to what's new in government and how our culture is changing from one of 'Sick Care' and 'Disease Management' to one of 'Health Care'.  You can watch the compelling testimony of the distinguished panel of practicing, front-line leaders - Dr Mehmet Oz, Dr Andrew Weil, Dr Mark Hyman and Dr Dean Ornish at the Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions hearing to examine integrative health care focusing on a pathway to a healthier nation.  

Their testimonials reveal how the current health care system has not served us well and why it needs to be revised.  You may even raise an eyebrow more than once.  OK, you may be shocked...especially when the prestigious Mayo Clinic has been called out for ineffective treatment practices.

So grab an apple, some tea and get comfy -- the video is on the long side, but this hearing is worth your time investment.  There are some scenarios discussed where you may think they're talking about you! So check out:

You may want to grab a pen and pad for note taking, because NOW is the time to make your voice heard by writing congress and senate representatives. Our Health Care program is currently under revision. The written letter is very powerful, and when you have others sign it, that letter becomes a petition.  So send it off to Washington, DC and let your voice be heard.  Don't let someone else make the decisions for you and later complain about it! (Haven't we all had enough of that?) Let them know what YOU think makes sense to maintain your choice for health freedom.


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