Thursday, April 23, 2009

Proof That Every Signature Counts

We all have a voice when it comes to government issues, bills and elections.  That said, it's up to each of us to exercise that freedom and privilege we enjoy in the US.  Some people may think, "I don't have time today -- and my vote won't matter anyway.....after all , it's ONLY one vote."  C'mon...admit it -- most of us have been guilty of this justification of thinking at one time or another.  And then later, we're horrified to learn that some poorly written bill passed.  So then what?

I recently signed a petition regarding California AB1478 which promotes nutrition therapy.  Nutrition is our first line defense in disease prevention and is crucial to maintain proper body function and optimum health.  Nutrition is basic.  The more industrialized our nation became, the further away we got from this most basic health requirement. We have researched and found some of the probable causes of the dramatic decline in the health of our nation's population.  We've witnessed many people suffering debilitating and totally preventable health issues who dramatically improved their health through proper nutrition and lifestyle choices. That's right, proper nutrition and lifestyle choices.  Sounds simple, right?  It is...when you commit.  No excuses, no justification, no snack 'reward' program, no magic bullet -- Just do it.  The true reward is good health, a happy disposition and positive outlook on life. What better reward is there than that?  

So how important is it to sign your name to a petition declaring your position? Here's proof that your signature counts;  a copy of the  response I received regarding CA AB1478:

"Thank you Kristy for your willingness to support and spread the word about AB1478, the bill which promotes diet therapy for the treatment of Type-2 Diabetes and non-emergency heart disease. 

As an update on the status of AB1478:  the bill has been removed from the committee calendar to amend certain provisions.  We don't have the amended language yet but upon receipt, a copy of the text will be available for your viewing.  Thanks again for taking the time to voice your opinion - we will keep you posted!"

- Tami Wahl
Legislative Director
American Association for Health Freedom

So there you have it.  Here's some supporting and detailed bill information and contact information from bill co-author, Jim Henderson, Esq:

And he closes with:
"Remember that email matters. Each contact is counted by the legislature as equivalent to 1000 persons interest in the legislation, but who did not take the time to call or write.  Simply copy all of the assembly members email addresses into your email address bar and send a common letter to them all asking them to vote for AB1478. I wish to bundle these emails and take hard copies to the chief consultant to the Business and Professions committee, so please copy your email letter to my email: "

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