Sunday, December 27, 2009

Gratitude - Day 3

Gathering Masters


Today, consider twelve people who have profoundly influenced and inspired you, be these friends, family, authors, explorers, artists or leaders.

Call to them with your heart, giving thanks for their presence in your life, sending a wave of energetic appreciation their way.

Now, emotionally invite these Masters to guide you through these 42 days of Gratitude - energetically connecting to their wisdom, example and experience - in order to form a circle of support, intimately familiar to YOU, that will ultimately serve everyone.

By giving thanks to, connecting with and inviting in these powerfully influential beings, our gathering exponentially shifts, our affinity range expands, and our collective field of consciousness is flooded as we awaken to the power of full-spectrum living.

As you choose, spend some time reflecting on the Wheel of Transformation asking:

• What areas are represented by their influence?
• What are your current areas of strength?
• Where might you choose to grow, expand and integrate new areas of awareness?
• Who will arrive to assist in this process?
• How will you prepare for arriving guidance?


Congratulations - our three days of preparation are complete.

Remember, throughout the 42 days of Gratitude (and beyond), intentionally focus on Gratitude as you Wake to Dream and Drift to Sleep, continually holding a silent prayer in your heart, blessing all bodies of water with your Love and Gratitude.


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