Thursday, December 24, 2009

Gratitude - Day 1

Wake to Dream

Focus on Gratitude just before drifting to sleep, and immediately upon awakening.

Beyond words, allow this source of energy-in-motion (emotion) to flood each cell in your body, feeling wave after wave of Gratitude.

Breathe in, using connected breath -- filling the belly and slowly releasing the breath completely. Don't worry about how long "long enough" is -- repeat the process for however long it feels good to you. Let go, release, and breathe deeply, as you drift in and out, giving and receiving pure gratitude.

As living in gratitude is done by people all over the world, this practice will create a daily wave of Gratitude rolling through hearts and minds alike.

Beyond a static time, flowing with our natural rhythms, a unified connection through Gratitude will begin and end each day.

This practice will flood our bodies with serotonin and dopamine, assisting our ability to sustain a state of peace, relaxation and present moment awareness.

Be sure to immediately enter your notes in your journal. You won't remember them later. It doesn't take that long, and your quality of life is well worth the extra minutes.

This discipline may be the simplest, easiest most effective means of co-creating change through Gratitude.


Moving from sleep to waking, waking to sleep, is a state change ... a phase transition.

Using Gratitude to move through a state change, we will charge our collective consciousness with this energetic pattern, effecting a global shift.

Change begins with each of us.


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