Friday, December 25, 2009

Gratitude - Day 2

Heart of Water

Today, let's begin within and bless all the waters in our body. As our blessed Heart beats true with Love and Gratitude, water will begin to mirror Divinity within.

So just imagine, by flooding our bodily waters with Love and Gratitude, graceful waves will ripple into all of creation, emotionally projecting a super-charged vibration, allowing for intended manifestations.

Give thanks.

As you feel complete within, imagine this blessed beat flowing lovingly through others, and on to all the waters of Earth.

Feel grateful knowing you are this powerful, connected and Divine.

Now, as a co-creator of Gratitude, it's time to set an intention - one you wish to see come into being, uniquely suited to serve your highest good, and that of others as well.

Create a vivid image of this intention with your imagination.

Feel its presence, hear its gift, taste its treasure, and see its depth and magnificence.

Love this intention.

Give thanks in advance for its manifestation while allowing the Law of Attraction to deliver this intended creation with grace, style and ease.

Perhaps you will wish to share it, allowing others to magnify and accelerate the arrival of this possibility.

You may record it in a journal, online or written, or simply close your eyes and breathe in the intention and breath out the manifestation.

Be true to what feels right for you,
and all will manifest through Love and Gratitude.

"It is during our time, through managing our choices, that we are invited to create an outer world that mirrors our inner most prayers and dreams." ---Gregg Braden, The Isaiah Effect


Enjoy a peaceful, blessed and joyous Christmas Day!

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