Sunday, November 21, 2010

See Video Footage From RAWESOME Food Coop Raid

Imagine, gun-wielding officials coming into your kitchen to take your milk, honey and eggs. You'd think that could never happen in the 'land of the free', but it does -- and more frequently than people realize.

With guns drawn, no less than five government agencies raided Rawesome Food Coop in Venice, California last summer, confiscating 17 coolers of raw milk, raw honey, and raw cane syrup. The photo above is cut from the surveillance footage at Rawesome.

In addition, the officials intentionally spoiled thousands of dollars in raw inventory by intentionally leaving the refrigerator doors open. They also said they needed to take 'samples', but they took 20+ jars of the same raw honey.

If a non-government citizen, such as yourself, committed these unconscionable acts that were committed by the government officials at Rawesome, they'd be charged with assault with a deadly weapon, trespassing, some sort of stealing charge, whatever that's called when people ransack and destroy property, and more. There'd be fines imposed and, no doubt, jail time served. I'm not a lawyer, but you get the idea. It's just plain wrong.

So, what's this REALLY about?

Organic farming and consumer demand for organic products are on a steady, fast-track rise, which poses a threat to those parties who are motivated to "own" the world food source, such as Monsanto and other manufacturers of GMO seeds.

Senate Bill S-510 is up for vote on November 29, 2010. Our government has tried to make us fearful and believe that raw is wrong and will hurt us. The fact is, even those who are 'lactose intolerant' are able to assimilate raw milk, which by scientific accounts is a 'perfect food'. That said, pasteurization destroys all that is good and nutritious in milk.

There's been much debate about unpasteurized foods and food safety. Obviously, the raid on Rawesome and other food coops has nothing to do with 'food safety' or the S510 "Food Safety Modernization Act". After all, it's common knowledge that e.coli, salmonella and other pathogens which taint our food source are from factory farm animals, not unprocessed raw foods.

Whether or not you are a milk-drinker, beef-eater or raw food consumer, we urge you to take a moment to preserve your freedoms and those of your friends, family, and generations to come by placing a call to the Capitol Switchboard at 202.224.3121 to STOP S510. Or call your state senators here:
When the person answers the phone, just tell them you say "NO" to S510. That's all there is to it. It's that easy.

Feel free to sign the petition here:

Check out the video surveillance footage of the raid and interviews at Rawesome here:


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