Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Citizens for Health Urge You to Contact Your Senators NOW!

Citizens for Health has been tracking the progress of The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act, S.510. While the bill has been amended, it still has a long way to go for us to consider supporting it, and now that Congress is returning from Thanksgiving recess we need to increase pressure on lawmakers to oppose S.510.

Urge your Senators NOW to oppose S. 510!


This deeply troubling bill enshrines industrial agriculture as the primary, if not the only, legally-accepted form of food production in the United States. S.510 sacrifices farmers and consumers in favor of the interests of big Agribusiness and it must not become law. If it does pass the lame duck Congress we must urge President Obama to veto it. If he signs it into law, its enforcement must be resisted; its funding must be blocked; and its repeal must be sought. The bottom line: The President and the members of Congress who support this bill need to know that it will be resisted, and that voters will be mobilized in opposition to the reelection of any S.510 supporters in 2012.

The Senate will be addressing a series of procedural votes and
the final vote on S.510 is scheduled for Tuesday, November 30, 2010. Use messages, phone calls [Senate: (202) 224-3121] - any mechanism you have - to insist that your Senators oppose the bill. If it should pass the Senate we will then fight to oppose it in the conference committee assigned to reconcile the House and Senate versions. If S.510 makes it through the committee, we will bring our weight to bear on both the House and Senate to oppose the final version of the bill. Through these efforts we will also build grassroots opposition to its implementation and enforcement if it does pass.

Make no mistake about it - the 4000 new inspectors created by this bill will allow the FDA to further trample the rights and freedoms of anyone opposed to the industrial food orthodoxy that includes, among its horrors, food irradiation, genetically modified organisms, growth-enhancing antibiotics and hormones and the factory farming of animals. This industrialism has undermined America's food supply for the past four decades, and threatens the citizen-based small farms and local food production efforts that have begun to make some progress in saving American food from the clutches of industrial degradation.

Email your Senators NOW!

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