Friday, November 12, 2010

Avandia: "No One Should be Using this Drug...When Many Believe it Should Come off the Market"

Harlan Krumholz, Yale University Cardiologist, is one of many experts who has concerns regarding the use of Avandia, a GSK-manufactured drug intended for use with Type II Diabetes. Dr Krumholz also suggested lifestyle changes as an alternative to.

Let's back upWhy would FDA allow a drug manufactured to 'treat' a preventable disease to remain on the market when it's been associated with heart disease, heart attacks and a 60% increased mortality rate? -- Especially since a 1999 study showing the heart risks was hidden by GSK.

Label warnings are just not strong enough in the case of Avandia. It has been recommended by experts that Avandia be removed from the market. That said, if Avandia is left on the market, it should be highly restricted -- only a small, specific doctors can prescribe it, and patients should be required very specific education and be required to sign a usage release.

The key here is that Type II Diabetes is preventable! It may sound too simple, but the truth is that educating patients to eat clean, unprocessed foods, exercise, rest, drink pure water and make other simple lifestyle choices will improve health.

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