Thursday, November 11, 2010

100,000 hits: Mercola Covers our California Victory

Dr. Joe Mercola, a great friend of our movement, made the Monahan Resolution his lead article yesterday; already, it has had over 100,000 hits.

Dr. Mercola recounts the advice of Anita Vazquez Tibau, our California leader who began a campaign to gain resolutions calling for a ban on mercury amalgam. As the Mercola Newsletter notes, Anita spearheaded the project with Kristy Mills and Marisa Russo, to make “a trio of Orange County California activists.” Councilman Gary Monahan of Costa Mesa, California, introduced a resolution against amalgam, and it passed at the 19 October 2010 city council meeting. The article includes videos featuring filmmaker Kelly Gallagher who chronicled the dramatic meeting and Dr. Jim Rota’s compelling speech to the City Council.

We encourage other Californians to pick up the torch in your community. Read Anita Tibau’s ten tips for community organizing at end of the Mercola article, then let me know at if you want to give it a try in another California town.

-- Charlie
11 November 2010

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NOTE: Californians for Green Dentistry is grateful to Dr Mercola for his support, partnership and shared-vision for a mercury-free America.

In 2008, Laguna Natural Health partnered with Consumers for Dental Choice, a Washington, DC non-profit organization. Californians for Green Dentistry is a local coalition of concerned, forward-thinking people -- like you. How often does one get an opportunity to write American history? Be a part of it -- You can do this in your community. Go to for more information.


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