Monday, November 29, 2010

The S.510 Vote Has Been Delayed til Tuesday! CALL YOUR SENATORS AND TELL THEM TO VOTE "NO" ON S.510!

The phone lines were jammed in DC today, thanks to those who called their senators offices and urged them to vote "NO" on S.510, the giant step back known as "Food Modernization Act of 2010".

Here's the link to the senators contact information:


There's no need to elaborate, unless you feel compelled to do so. They will ask for your zip code -- and that's all there is to it. Every call is counted, and the senators get the sheets as they go into session, so they are aware of the sentiments of their constituency. Many people emailed, detailing their thoughts about the convoluted nature of the bill. Some have been surprised they heard back so quickly from their representative's offices. This bill is a very big deal, and requires everyone's attention.

For more information, read Mike Adam's newsletter here:

Mike closes this update with these thoughts:

Why we need to delineate the right to grow food in the next Bill of Rights

This also reminds me to point out that after the U.S. collapses from total financial and moral bankruptcy -- which seems to be getting closer by the day -- we must all remember that in the next society, we need to add "The Right to Grow, Harvest and Exchange Our Own Food" into the next Bill of Rights. Because that's exactly what's being stripped away from the American people with the passage of S.510.

Remember, too, that the FDA already took away your right to learn the truth about nutritional supplements and natural remedies. It has sought to destroy the natural products industry. Now it's poised to take away your access to raw milk while burdening food producers with outrageous new paperwork requirements -- all while ignoring the real causes of the food contaminations, which are actually caused by factory animal farms.

The people who are in support of this bill -- including several big-name food authors who should frankly know better -- are
selling out to the agricultural giants and aligning themselves with the dark powers in government who seek to destroy food freedom.

"Food is no less a weapon than tanks, guns, and planes." said Franklin D. Roosevelt. And now the U.S. Senate is making sure that
food controls can be used against the American people in exactly the same way the Patriot Act is now being used to crush our civil liberties.


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