Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sustainable Fabrics: The New Fashion

"Green" has become a lifestyle -- the car we drive, the food we eat and way we power our homes. It's become far more than recycling and carrying a reusable bag to the market. Hemp, bamboo and cotton are some of the sustainable fabrics used for the clothes we wear -- and they feel amazing to the touch! We especially love bamboo and organic cotton options.  Here's why:

• Reduce Pesticide Use
Conventional cotton accounts for more than 10% of the world's pesticides and nearly 25% of the world's insecticides.  Organic cotton is grown without toxic, synthetic chemical inputs.
• Protect Children
Infants and children are often more sensitive than adults to synthetic chemicals.  Choosing organic cotton clothing may help to reduce their exposure.
• Protect Farm Workers
Farm workers typically use many of the most hazardous pesticides on the market, farm workers suffer from an abundance of toxic exposures and related health problems.
• Protect Water Quality
Pesticide and fertilizer use on cotton has been linked to groundwater contamination, the primary source of drinking water for half of the US population.
• Prevent Soil Erosion
Billions of tons of soil are removed by erosion each year, particularly from agricultural land. Organic practices help to reduce erosion by building sil with increased organic matter.
• Support a True Economy
Conventional cotton prices do not reflect the hidden costs we pay in taxes including billions of dollars in subsidies, pesticide regulation, hazardous waste disposal and overall environmental damage.
• It Feels Good
Supporting so many nurturing effects on the land and the people we love simply just feels good.


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