Monday, July 13, 2009

FDA Approves New Blood Thinner

Late Friday, the FDA announced that they were approving a new drug -- Effient, Eli Lilly's new blood thinner -- even though this drug comes with extremely dangerous and potentially deadly risks.

The drug is so dangerous that the FDA has technically approved it only for specific patients, people getting angioplasty. Here's the catch: In the study the approval was based on, patients taking Effient faced "a greater risk of significant, sometimes fatal bleeding" when compared to Plavix, a top-selling blood thinner. On top of that, patients who'd already had strokes faced a higher risk of suffering another stroke if they took Effient.

Are the risks worth it? Nope. Not at all. Because while Effient slightly reduced the risk of non-fatal heart attacks, the number of deaths was "similar" with both drugs. So Effient doesn't really work better, and it increases your risk of repeat stroke and fatal bleeding.
Bottom line: If you're heading for angioplasty, make sure the doctor doesn't use Effient.

For information regarding the FDA announcement, go to:

Source: Health Sciences Institute


LNH Note: It's challenging to keep up with pharmaceutical news when there are so many drugs introduced to the market with such frequency. We're not anti-pharm. Rather we encourage everyone to start a vibrant health plan for themselves and those they care about to aid in the reduction of or eliminate the need for synthetics in the body.  More information regarding vibrant living is archived in this blog.

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