Wednesday, July 22, 2009

H.Con.Res.58 Will Sharpen the Focus on Health Care

Our nation spends more for healthcare than any other industrialized nation in the world. Yet by every healthcare parameter, the health of Americans doesn’t rank even in the top ten internationally. We don’t live the longest or have the highest quality of life. We do, however, rank disturbingly high in the number of preventable deaths.

Our technology in healthcare is enviable. But that hasn’t made Americans live longer or healthier. It is critical that we embrace a new vision to reform healthcare in this country. The concept of wellness plays an essential role in that vision.

H.Con.Res.58 (last session it was 406) is an important resolution. It will sharpen the focus on the debate to reform U.S. healthcare. With every indication that the current system is not sustainable, and with its heavy toll on business, individual, and government pocketbooks, it is time to support wellness. 

What You Can Do:

Personalize your letter. Tell your story, edit to reflect your points of interest (this is VERY important, please take the extra time!) 

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