Friday, July 10, 2009

Vanilla Extract: It's Just Not Your Grandmother's Perfume

Vanilla Extract is about more than cooking and baking. From neutralizing odors, to bug repellant to first aid care, you can find uses for vanilla extract all around the house.  Time-honored vanilla extract is still worn as perfume.  It can be pricey -- so why buy when it's so easy to make in quantity?

You will need:

• 4-6 Bourbon vanilla beans

• 2 cups Brandy or 80 proof Vodka. 


• Split the vanilla bean lengthwise, cut the bean into 1/2" pieces, place them in a clean glass jar and cover all the pieces with the liquid.

• Seal tightly and let stand a minimum of 2 months shaking the jar occasionally. Use as needed. 

Makes about 2 cups. 

Note: This may also be prepared with distilled water but you should let this mixture stand a minimum of 4 months.

For detailed information regarding the many uses of vanilla extract, go to:

Vanilla Extract makes a fun and 'green' gift.  Simply purchase unique or antique glass bottles and jars at local consignment and antique shops for a low cost, and pour in the mixture.  Make a little hang tag (from an old card you received) explaining it's many uses, poke a hole for a skinny ribbon, raffia, etc. (reused from a gift you received), and tie around the neck of the bottle.


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