Wednesday, July 15, 2009

California Bill AB1401: Transition to Organics Act 2009

Bill Summary:
The Organic Consumers Association favors the conversion of American agriculture to at least 30% organic by the year 2015, including major reforms in agricultural subsidies and appropriations to help family farmers make the transition to organic, develop local and regional markets, and adopt renewable energy practices.  We know that California farmers who wish to transition from conventional farming to certified organic farming face a number of challenges.  In particular, the costs associated with making the transition can be high.  These financial challenges have had the unfortunate effect of discouraging many California farmers from making the transition.  

The Transition To Organics Act seeks to remedy this unfortunate situation by providing a measure of financial assistance to transitioning California farmers.  The Transition To Organics Act would thus assist California farmers in these difficult economic times, help them to transition to more progressive farming practices, and result in the greater availability of organic consumer products.

This bill would establish an organic transition fund to be administered by the Secretary of Food and Agriculture. This fund would be for existing conventional farmers wishing to convert to certified organic production.

For more information, read the Transition To Organics Act News:

Please join us in supporting CA Bill AB1401.


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