Friday, July 10, 2009

Oppose ObamaCare!

I just received notice from Steve Elliott, President of Alliance, regarding President Obama's impending health care plan. Please take a moment to read Mr Elliott's letter, and feel free to click the link and sign the petition to oppose this poorly written ineffective and very costly plan, greatly limiting or even eliminating ANY choice we will have for our own choice of health care.  

Not only is this is a violation of our current health freedoms, but it's bringing us one very big step closer to becoming a socialized nation.  What's going on here? That's NOT what the United States of America is about. Socialism is simply NOT this country's foundation of principles.

There's a lot of truth in jest when our Canadian friends are horrified to hear of our government stepping in on health care planning and say, "The US can't do that! Where will WE go for care?" Hey, they speak from experience.



From the Desk of:
Steve Elliott, President, Alliance

   "Obama wants to impose government-run health care in the next three weeks. See below."  


I need your help right now.

President Obama launched a full-court press this week for Congress to pass his Government-run health care plan before the August recess.

That means Obama and the Democrats are planning to rush through their massive plan to put government in charge of your health care in just three weeks!

Today, Grassfire is launching a nationwide petition to stop ObamaCare.

If you oppose Obama's plan to create a massive health care bureaucracy that stifles your private
health care choices while imposing $1.5 in new taxes, please go here to sign:

+ + Government "Option" Is Socialized Health Care

The key component of Obama's plan is the creation of the so-called "Public Option" which is really a new government health care plan run by the federal bureaucrats. The government "option" is certain to cripple the private health care industry and leave Americans with fewer personal choices and more taxes.

And the cost?

Estimates range as high as $1.5 trillion in NEW TAXES... and that's from Congress' official budgeting office.

Right now, Democrats are scrambling for ways to hide the real costs and force businesses and the "rich" to pay.

But don't be fooled -- you and I will be forced to "foot the bill" and our struggling economy will be further saddled with yet another new and oppressive government tax!

Even worse than the cost is the fact that the government could soon be running our nation's health care system. Do the words Amtrak and U.S. Postal Service ring a bell?

We have only a few weeks to mount grassroots opposition to Obama's government-run health care, and frankly I'm depending on every member of our team to take a moment to sign our petition.
Go here to sign right now:

+ + Senate committee votes begin next week!

Next week I want to rush a minimum 100,000 petitions to the Senate Finance Committee before they vote to impose a massive government-run health care system on the American people.

Please sign today and then alert your friends.

Steve Elliott, President

P.S. Government-run health care is already a failure in Europe, and the Democrats' plan is a disaster wrapped in a massive tax increase. That's why they are rushing this bill through Congress -- in less than three weeks! Please take a stand today and alert your friends.


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