Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The 3 LIttle Words That Can Keep People Stuck

One of the most common questions we hear is, "how can I overcome being stuck?" The common theme with people who are stuck are the same 3 words they say...

"I know that."

These are the 3 most dangerous words that will keep us stuck. People have read self improvement books, gone to seminars, heard interviews, etc., and will say "Oh, I know that" or "I've read that a million times", or "I've seen that", etc.

As you are reading this you may even find yourself saying, "Yeah, I heard that already" or "I know that." 

But do you, really?

The ego mind will claim that "it knows that" and will look to keep us stuck. It can keep us from achieving our dreams and turn us against our biggest goals by telling us that we already, "know that."

Here are some tips on how to overcome this:

1. If you find yourself saying, "I know that", question it and say, "Do I really know that?"  Your mind will say yes you know that, and look to stop you. Ask yourself again, "Do I really know that?"

2. If you answer that you do know it then ask, "How am I using it in my life?"

3. If you are using it in your life, ask, "How can I better use this in my life?"

This is an excellent way to take control of your mind rather than the mind controlling you. Your mind will claim it knows it and the bottom line is:

If you are not using it you do not know it!

Source:  Chaney Weiner


LNH Note:  Seeing and hearing something more than once also gives us an opportunity to live the experience through 'new' eyes or 'the eyes of a child'.  We could have a daily routine, yet enjoy a unique experience every day.  As we continue to grow, our opinions and feelings may shift, so what we thought we 'knew' at one time may change with each experience and evolve us to a higher consciousness.

Enjoy that commute to work today with 'new' eyes and look for something you've never noticed before.  It could change how you live the rest of your day.


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