Monday, June 1, 2009

Learn From Bamboo

The bamboo plant is revered for many reasons.  It grows quickly, so it is an easily renewable resource. It is beautiful and graceful to look at. All of the plant can be used - the sprouts can be eaten, the inner stem can be used as medicine, and the stalk makes good construction material. And the most remarkable attribute of the bamboo plant is its flexibility. Even in the most terrible storm, the bamboo will bend, but not break. 

We can learn from this example. We often have unexpected stress in our lives, and when we remain flexible and adapt, then we get through it successfully. Studies have shown that flexibility is a powerful personality trait that helps people to recover from illness as much as 50 percent faster! 

We can mentally train ourselves to be more flexible by not being attached to any specific outcome. We can move towards a goal, understanding that we may have to change our course every once in awhile to get where we want to go. Physically we can become more flexible by practicing yoga, stretching and tai chi.


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