Monday, June 29, 2009

Disease and Cure

Did you know that the human body is built to be self-healing?  It is, when given what it needs to work out the imbalance -- pure water, whole food nourishment, proper rest, clean air, prayer/meditation, sunshine -- see archived posts for more. Reframing the way we may have been taught to view and understand illness/disease/imbalance is important to having a deeper understanding of how our bodies work and how we can heal ourselves.  

We view disease as an imbalance caused by deficiency/inflammation.  Balance ("cure") is restored when the client/patient learns about and takes responsibility for the imbalance.  For this illustration, the word "stress" indicates "disease", "disorder", "complaint", etc.

Cure involves:                                     
1. Locating and identifying the source of the stress/imbalance                             
2. Understanding the cause of the stress/imbalance (genetics, diet/lifestyle abuse, emotional stress, etc.)
3. Understanding of how to remedy it   
4. Doing what is necessary to relieve/eliminate symptoms (making lifestyle adjustments)     
5. Maintaining responsibility for the stress/imbalance process and his/her health                                               
There are no magic bullets to achieving, maintaining and enjoying vibrant health. When we reach homeostasis (balance), life is easier and more enjoyable.



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