Wednesday, December 1, 2010

S.510 - Continue to Flood Your Representatives Offices with Emails!

The Senate shot itself in the foot by authorizing new taxes are part of S.510 --- the House is the only body empowered to authorize new taxes. According to the Alliance for Natural Health, the only possible "quick-fix" would be a unanimous consent agreement in the Senate to strike that revenue-raising provision from the bill -- but Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) has already stated that he will oppose, so unanimity will be impossible. This will mean a new Food Safety Bill will be introduced next year, but next year's Congress will be very different from the current Congress, so we expect the bill will look very different, and could be much more favorable to the natural health community.

It would be great news if S.510 is dead for this session. However, we need to be prepared for any outcome, so it is important as ever to contact your representatives to let them know you want them to oppose the bill. Citizens for Health has been sending 3,000 emails per hour -- we need to maintain this momentum!

Send an email to your Representative now and tell them to vote "NO!" on S.510. Go to the bottom of this page: and complete the information.


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